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Original Pouch


Postum is an all natural instant coffee alternative made of clean ingredients:
roasted, wheat , wheat bran, molasses and wheat starch. It is easy to mix.
Just use 2 teaspoons per eight ounces of water stir and enjoy. Add a little
sweetener and milk and enjoy this delicious caffeine free beverage that is
vegan, non-GMO and Kosher.

Instant Warm Beverage
• 100% Natural
• Caffeine Free
• Non-GMO Verified
• Vegan
• Kosher

42 oz

- Use 1-2 tsp. Postum.
- Add boiling water; stir.
- Add milk; sweeten to taste.

Allergen Alert - Contains: wheat.

Wheat, Wheat Brain, Molasses, Wheat Starch.