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8 Free Summer Activities for Families

8 Free Summer Activities for Families

This summer, the key is ensuring the kids are entertained while still managing to keep yourself sane! But don't worry, with some creativity and good planning; you can have an enjoyable and almost stress-free summer with your kids. 

The few tricks I know are as follows:

Set up a schedule and make sure the expectations are set. Here is the job chart I made last year. 

Dedicate specific time to bonding with your kids. They know they will spend quality time with you if you have a plan. Planning ahead helps everyone stay on the same page instead of just watching screens all day and living in the Bermuda Triangle.

    Activities both kids and parents can get excited about:

    1. Have a picnic in the park . Pack healthy snacks and sandwiches, grab a blanket or two, and head to the local park for an outdoor lunch! With lots of space to explore and outdoor playtime, picnics in the park are perfect for keeping busy kids occupied.

      2. Go on a nature scavenger hunt . Take a walk around your neighborhood and make a list of items to find in nature. Everything from trees, leaves, rocks, animals, and more can be included on the list! Kids will love discovering all sorts of natural wonders while getting fresh air.

        3. Visit the beach or mountains ...or any outdoor thing near you. Who doesn't love an afternoon spent building sandcastles, swimming in the ocean, hiking trails, or finding treasures outdoors? Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and snacks for energy to spend as much time as possible soaking up nature. I can guarantee your kids will sleep well after a day outside!

          4. Have a movie night: Spend an evening indoors with popcorn, candy, and a good movie (or two). Get cozy with blankets and pillows - or if it's nice outside, project it on the side of your house and have an outdoor movie night! We watched Shrek recently, and it was a huge hit!

          5. Go stargazing: If you're lucky enough to have clear night skies, take advantage of it and go stargazing! There's something magical about lying in a field or on the trampoline and looking at the stars above. Bring along a book about constellations for some extra fun.

          6. Make homemade ice cream: Get creative in the kitchen by making yummy treats like homemade ice cream. Click here and see the easiest way to make homemade ice cream!

            7. Create some art: Get out all the craft supplies and encourage the kids to create masterpieces with paint, markers, glitter, and glue. Then hang them up as decorations around your home or even frame them as gifts for family members and friends.

              8. Play board games: Board games are always a great way to keep your children entertained for hours! 

                So there you have it - 8 free ideas for summer fun! What are some other things we can add to this list?


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