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Updates from My Parents - On Mission in Sierra Leone

Updates from My Parents - On Mission in Sierra Leone


My parents embarked on a year-long mission in Sierra Leone, leaving behind the familiar comforts of home and family. Though I dearly miss them, their unwavering dedication to spreading love and light fills me with immense pride and inspiration.

For those curious about their journey, I've received periodic updates, and I'm excited to share some of their experiences. As you read their story, I hope you'll be inspired to embrace a more expansive love and appreciate the beauty of simplicity in life.

Check out all their updates here!! You can read through their different letters and see what they've been up too! 



So interesting to read about your parents. We just received our mission call, we’re going to be office specialists in the Freetown Mission office. A cushy assignment compared to your parents to be sure. We look forward to reading more and hopefully meeting your parents in person. We’ll arrive down there sometime in mid June.

Terry Houston

My heart is so full hearing about Jane’s adventure…. what an amazing opportunity to touch the hearts and souls of so many. Thank you so much for sharing your parents adventure… I look forward to hearing more!

BTW: The cookbook is “wonderful”….I can’t wait to continue reading and trying the recipies.

Jennifer Abelhouzen

Please please continue to share your parents mission! Best thing I’ve read lately!!

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