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How I'm Making the Most of Winter!

How I'm Making the Most of Winter!

Oftentimes, after the holidays I’m left with a mix of feelings. Part of me wishes they could continue on and part of me is ready for the routine to get back underway. Our holidays are always jam-packed with parties and traditions. I love the special times and memories that are created. I love how time seems to stop and everyone is just blissfully doing their thing. I have always had a mixed relationships with the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, something I’ve always called the “Bermuda Triangle” because it feels like everyone vanishes and is stuck out in the sea of chaos, all normal routines and rules tossed aside. But at the same time, isn’t it simply delightful to spend a day in pajamas, immersed in a puzzle, with no one questioning it? 

I’ve found it hard to find a good way to transition from this time of family, vacation, simplicity, and tradition. Instead of jumping full force back into routine how can you carry some holiday magic with you? Instead of hitting the winter blues, how can you create a time of fresh traditions and experiences in daily life? Here are a few ideas I’m going to try and maybe they will also help inspire you. I wrote them out for my family to participate in together, but you could certainly adapt and do them with a friend, a partner, or just by yourself as well. 

My goal is to make January and February, not something just to get through. I hope this inspires you all to continue being present with the time we are given and find more space for love and laughter together. 

I complied a lot of ideas and supplies you might find helpful for these activities in a list HERE! 

Gratitude Jar with a Twist: Introduce a family gratitude jar. Every evening during dinner or before bedtime, encourage each family member,  to share something they're thankful for that day. Make it more engaging by decorating the jar together and using colorful stickers or drawings to jot down gratitude notes. After the month is over or winter, whatever your preference, take out the notes of gratitude and read them together. 
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Themed Meal Nights: Turn dinner preparation into a fun game by having a themed meal night. Have the kids help pick out the theme, and food and make some small decorations. 

Family Movie Night: Create a cozy family movie night on the weekend. Let the kids take turns selecting movies based on a chosen theme, or grab a jar and some popsicle sticks, have everyone write on the popsicle sticks movies they want to watch, and put them in a jar when it comes time to pick the movie have someone draw out a stick from the jar to see what movie you are watching. Prepare a DIY cinema experience with blankets, popcorn, and homemade tickets for added excitement.

Storybook Club: Kickstart a family storybook club where everyone, adults included, reads a children's book together every week. Discuss the stories, create related crafts, or act out scenes for a more immersive experience.

Wellness Wednesdays for All: Designate Wednesdays as a day for family wellness activities. Incorporate kid-friendly yoga, nature scavenger hunts, or cooking sessions where the little ones can participate.

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Spread Kindness as a Team: Organize a 'Family Kindness Week'. Together, brainstorm and execute daily acts of kindness within your community, such as making cards for nursing home residents or leaving positive messages on sidewalks.

Create a Family Memory Collage: Develop a memory board or digital collage with the kids, showcasing the best moments from the past year. Encourage them to add drawings, photos, or their crafts to create a vibrant visual of cherished memories.

Family Game Night Spectacular: Transform Friday nights into a family game night extravaganza. Opt for kid-friendly board games or set up DIY game stations with simple challenges or puzzles. I have a great list of suggested games here!

Explore Local Adventures Together: Discover nearby attractions or parks as a family. Plan outings to museums, botanical gardens, or trails that cater to children's interests. 

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Creative Sundays for All Ages: Dedicate Sundays to creativity and expression. Engage in family art projects like painting, crafting, or storytelling sessions. Encourage kids to lead some of these creative endeavors.

Adapt these ideas to fit your family and friends and find some new traditions and zest to make the most of winter with me.


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