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THE BEST Holiday Reading List for Kids & Families

THE BEST Holiday Reading List for Kids & Families

The holiday season brims with the joy of tradition at my house, and one cherished tradition is reading Christmas stories together. There are so many heartwarming tales that capture the spirit of the season and if I'm being honest it's not just my kids that love the stories, I find myself loving them every year!  Building upon my list this season I asked for all of your suggestions. Here’s an expanded collection of diverse and delightful Christmas stories sorted into categories for the best holiday reading experience yet! Read together as a family and build upon old traditions or make new ones! 

 I also put them all onto one Amazon list here so you can easily browse and get some ordered! 

My family favorites are starred **

 Classic Tales and Festive Adventures

The Gingerbread Man: Enter the enchanting world of a gingerbread man who sprints away from those trying to catch him, leading to an adventurous chase filled with excitement and delight.

**The Berenstain Bears' Merry Christmas: 
Join the beloved bear family as they embark on various Christmas adventures, imparting valuable life lessons while spreading holiday cheer.

Turkey Claus: A whimsical story where Turkey seeks Santa's help to avoid becoming Christmas dinner.

I Believe in Santa Claus: Embraces the magic of belief and wonder in Santa Claus during the holiday season.

Too Many Tamales!: Follows the story of Maria making tamales and a little mishap on Christmas Eve.

The Elves and the Shoemaker: A beloved fairy tale about kindness, generosity, and the spirit of giving.

Santa’s New Job: An endearing tale exploring Santa's retirement and the journey of passing on the role.

Mortimers Christmas: An adorable tale where Mortimer the mouse helps save Christmas for a family.

**A Christmas Carol: Dive into Charles Dickens' timeless masterpiece following Ebenezer Scrooge's transformative journey guided by the spirits of Christmas past, present, and future.

**The Night Before Christmas: Delight in the classic poem about St. Nicholas and his magical visit on Christmas Eve, painting vivid images of the most enchanting night of the year.

**Over the River and Through the Wood: Delight in the classic poem that celebrates the joyous journey to Grandma's house through snowy landscapes, capturing the warmth and anticipation of family gatherings.

**A Little House Christmas: Holiday Stories from the Little House Books: Celebrate Christmas in the wilderness with Laura Ingalls Wilder, reliving the simple yet heartwarming celebrations of the Ingalls family.

**A Treasury of Christmas Stories and Songs: Immerse yourself in a delightful collection of cherished tales and songs perfect for celebrating the holiday spirit and creating timeless memories.

**The Twelve Days of Christmas: Enjoy a delightful rendition of the classic Christmas carol, counting down each day's special and increasingly extravagant gift given by a true love

 Heartwarming Stories and Values

Mismatched Nativity: Celebrates uniqueness and the beauty of differences during the Nativity play.

Lost for Christmas: A touching story of friendship and finding hope during the holiday season.

The Spirit of Christmas: Explore the essence of the holiday season through this heartwarming book, emphasizing the spirit of giving, kindness, and joy that encompasses the Christmas celebration.

**The Last Straw: Engage in a beautiful story about the importance of compassion, understanding, and the true spirit of Christmas during challenging times.

**The Gift of the Magi: Experience the timeless tale of love, sacrifice, and the true meaning of giving during the holidays, resonating with its enduring message.

**Christmas in the Big Woods: A Travel back in time to an old-fashioned Christmas in the woods, discovering the joys and traditions of a pioneer Christmas.

**Christmas Stories: Join Laura Ingalls Wilder in heartwarming tales that bring the spirit of Christmas alive through simple yet beautiful narratives.

Santa Mouse: Join the heartwarming story of a tiny mouse that helps Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, spreading cheer and goodwill in the most delightful way.


 Magical Tales and Seasonal Adventures

The Gingerbread Cowboy: An entertaining spin on the classic Gingerbread Man tale set in the Wild West.

The Polar Express: A magical adventure about a boy’s journey on a train to the North Pole.

The Snowy Day: Celebrates the joy of a snowy day and the wonders of childhood adventures.

**The Snowman: Immerse yourself in a wordless picture book about a boy's magical adventure with a snowman that comes to life, creating unforgettable memories in a winter wonderland.

**The Nutcracker: Enter the enchanting world of Clara and her Nutcracker prince, experiencing a mesmerizing journey filled with magic, wonder, and captivating adventures.

**Dasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas Forever: Engage in a heartwarming story about the courage and magic of a little reindeer that ultimately transforms Christmas for everyone.

Touching Themes and Inspirational Nattatives

**The Light of Christmas: Follow a touching story that emphasizes the importance of spreading love, joy, and goodwill during the holiday season, illuminating hearts with its message.

**The Mansion: Discover the magic of the holiday spirit in this heartwarming tale of family, generosity, and finding hope in unexpected places.

**The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey: Discover the touching tale of friendship, love, and the true spirit of giving during the holiday season, warming hearts with its tender narrative.

**Shmelf the Hanukkah Elf: Explore a delightful story that beautifully intertwines Hanukkah and the Christmas season, celebrating the diversity of holiday traditions and the joy they bring.

**Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree: Enjoy the tale of a tree too tall, and how it brings joy to different homes in need of Christmas cheer, fostering unity and spreading happiness.

**The King's Blanket: Delve into the story of a king's special blanket that brings warmth, comfort, and unity to his kingdom during the holiday season, symbolizing the power of generosity.

Beloved Characters and Cherished Stories

Charlie Brown’s Christmas: A Peanuts classic following Charlie Brown's holiday journey.

The Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snatcher: A delightful story about the adventures of cookie baking during the holidays.

Olivia Helps With Christmas: Join Olivia on her quest to assist her family in preparing for Christmas.

The Little Red Sleigh: A heartwarming tale about a small sleigh with big dreams.

The Mitten: An endearing story of woodland animals discovering a lost mitten.

**A Little Women Christmas: Experience the heartwarming moments of Christmas with the March family, sharing the joys, challenges, and cherished traditions of the holiday season.

**How the Grinch Stole Christmas!: Full Color Jacketed Edition (Classic Seuss): Join the Grinch's heartwarming transformation from a holiday hater to a festive lover, learning the true spirit of Christmas along the way.


These books offer a wonderful mix of traditions, values, and the joy of the holiday season, perfect for sharing and creating cherished memories with loved ones.


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