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Lydia: A Murder Mystery
Lydia: A Murder Mystery

Lydia: A Murder Mystery


A Murder Mystery game that you can play over and over with a new outcome each time.

What's Included: 

Lydia Murder Mystery Game Packet — This includes the Setting the Scene, How to Play, Who’s Who, and Email Invitation Template.


Digital Character Packets — There are 14 packets which you will need to send to each player separately. This will tell them who they are, what their motive is, and what they know about other players. Each player packet includes Setting the Scene and a Who’s Who cheat sheet so guests can familiarize themselves with other characters.


Printable Documents — Assignment Cards, Place Cards, Play Cards, and 14 Printable Character Packets that outline the character, how the murder played out, depending on who the murderer was, and additional tips. This is so each guest can reference their roles easier throughout the night.

Play with up to 14 characters, minimum of 8 (The instructions will tell you what characters to remove if playing with less than 14 players.)