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What is Thrive Life?

What is Thrive Life?

Alright, to start out I have to tell you that all freeze fried or food storage companies are not created equal! It is nuts how many weird and bad products are out there and especially now after we’ve all had a little scare with being prepared. Thrive Life is literally amazing and I’ve had so much fun learning about their product and using it in my kitchen.

The first time I tried their food I was all in! I am very picky about food and I knew that I would easily walk out the door and never look back if the food wasn’t palatable. The grapes are some of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted. The corn!!! It is so sweet! The peas are also so sweet and crunchy! Once you try the food, you will know why I am so obsessed.

How Does Thrive Life Keep It's Food So Fresh?

The reason the food is so delicious is that no corners are cut at any point in the production and packaging process. Farmers that work with Thrive Life wait until the food is as ripe as possible before harvesting it. These farmers then have 3 hours or less to flash freeze the food. Freezing the food this close to harvesting ensures that the food retains as much flavor and nutrition as possible. Once the food is frozen and loaded the trucks deliver it to Thrive Life. Thrive then freeze-dries that food as soon as possible, package it, and send it to us! This process and the attention to all these details are why the food from Thrive Life is so tasty and so nutritious! I am not kidding when I say that this food is the most flavorful and healthy food you will find outside of picking fresh, ripe food from your garden. Most stores pick fruit weeks, months, even up to a year or more before we get it and eat it. That food is literally dead by the time it gets to us. Thrive Life food is alive!!!!! I know that sounds weird and confusing, but it is true and you can taste the difference. The difference between a Thrive Life tomato and a store-bought tomato is astounding and actually a little depressing.

Tasting is Believing

I never in a million years thought I would be writing a blog about freeze-dried food and how it works and why I love it, but here I am! Check it out for yourself!


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