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Thrive Life

Thrive Life
Do you remember when Covid hit last year and toilet paper was literally wiped off of shelves? No pun intended. ;) Honestly, walking into Walmart and having literal shelves of food totally empty was so jarring to me. A few days after the Covid lockdown in Utah, I was laying in bed and had a major wakeup call. Ammon was at work, all the kids were in bed and I woke up to an earthquake happening in Salt Lake City. I just laid there watching my chandelier swinging above me and I literally had no idea what to do. It was in that moment I realized how unprepared I was for an actual disaster. I just sat there paralyzed. I didn’t have any 72 hour kits ready. I didn’t even know how to respond to what had just happened. What should I do first? Should I get my kids out of the house? Do I hide under my bed? Where do we go? Where are our shoes? I can’t even find our shoes when we’re trying to get out the door for a play date, let alone a natural disaster. I had so much anxiety about it all. It was shortly after that experience that I truly dove into preparedness. I needed peace of mind. I needed to have a plan for my family. I feel like anyone who doesn’t think being prepared is important is going to be so sorry when they find themselves in a predicament like this. They'll be at a total loss because they haven't taken the time to think about it beforehand. I don't want that to be me. Now insert: Thrive Life. Thrive Life is a company that produces freeze dried food that is delicious and lasts forever. Well, not forever, but a really, really long time. Shortly after my wake up call, I got a direct message on Instagram from Amber Solberg at Thrive asking me if I wanted to come see what they had to offer. She let me try all their different products and they were honestly amazing! It all tasted so fresh and it shocked me because I was tasting a tomato and it tasted better than a fresh, store bought tomato…and it was freeze dried! It was the weirdest thing ever. It is insane how fresh all of Thrive's food tastes. I was blown away! And Thrive Life doesn't offer just fruits and vegetables, they also have things like freeze dried cheeses and meats. I was skeptical, but when they have liquid added to them, you can't even tell they aren't fresh from the dairy or meat section at your local grocery store! Thrive Life’s produce is harvested right at its nutritional peak and is flash frozen within hours of being picked, often right on the farm. By slowly drying the food after it’s frozen, they're able to preserve pretty much all of the nutrition and the flavor. By drying the produce the food is naturally preserved, which helps it stay good on the shelf for years. Thrive Life food lasts for 30 years unopened. This is food storage that truly stands the test of time. I’ve started to realize I can incorporate Thrive Life food into my every day life, not just when the shelves at the grocery store are bare. Initially I just bought it for food storage, but I’m now learning how to incorporate their food into my everyday cooking. Honestly, it is just as good as anything fresh, especially when you’re making things like casseroles or soups or even salads. The peas and the corn on a salad are so good, and it’s so much healthier than a crouton, you know? It’s really fresh, good food and tastes incredible. There are multiple ways to buy from Thrive Life. First, you can buy their food directly from their site. Just go online, see what’s in stock and purchase it. Second, you can sign up as a consultant and sell the product. By signing up as a consultant you don’t have to sell, but get all of the deals and discounts they offer for their members even without selling. However, if you do sell, you could earn income on top of the discounts, which is amazing. The third option is a membership where you have product delivered to you monthly. When you get on the delivery service you get tons more perks. You get $100 dollars worth of food sent to you each month, free shipping, and it’s just so easy. I'm so grateful I found Thrive Life when I did. It has honestly brought me peace of mind in a time that feels a little crazy. It’s a small and steady way that you can build your food storage and gain confidence in the fact that you are prepared. A month or two ago, Amber from Thrive Life actually came to my house to cook with me with products from Thrive and we had so much fun together! We actually made four different recipes from my cookbook and seeing how easily she incorporated Thrive products to make family favorite recipes blew me away. They tasted just as fresh as they normally do, all made with freeze dried food! Below is a video of us making one of those recipes, my Nana's Italian minestrone soup. I couldn't believe it! So good.


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