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All the Movies I'm Showing My Gen Z Sister

All the Movies I'm Showing My Gen Z Sister

Raise your hand if you have a Gen Z sister who’s desperate for some movie education. (*Abi raises own hand*) You guys, I take my role as Sophie’s older sister very seriously, and when I realized just how many amazing movies this 18-year-old hasn’t seen yet, I wasn’t mad, I was just very, very disappointed. In both of us. Now I’m taking matters into my own hands and introducing her to the greats – a new movie every time she comes home from college! We’ll use this list – let us know if we’re missing one of your favorites and we’ll add it.

UPDATE: We've added all your suggestions to a printable list for you HERE.

Romantic Drama Romantic Comedy Comedy Dark Comedy Drama Western War Action / Adventure Thriller / Suspense / Horror SciFi/ Action Fantasy Family Musical



‘Waking Ned Devine’…..I feel like most people haven’t ever heard of it, but please just trust me, it’s so good, funny but heartwarming. Put on the subtitles if you have trouble understanding their accents.


Romancing the Stone and all of the Indiana Jones movies


The Sandlot, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Lakehouse


Secondhand lions and clue (1985)
Two of my favorites


So I married an Axe Murderer!!

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