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All the Movies I'm Showing My Gen Z Sister

All the Movies I'm Showing My Gen Z Sister

Raise your hand if you have a Gen Z sister who’s desperate for some movie education. (*Abi raises own hand*) You guys, I take my role as Sophie’s older sister very seriously, and when I realized just how many amazing movies this 18-year-old hasn’t seen yet, I wasn’t mad, I was just very, very disappointed. In both of us. Now I’m taking matters into my own hands and introducing her to the greats – a new movie every time she comes home from college! We’ll use this list – let us know if we’re missing one of your favorites and we’ll add it.

Romantic Drama Romantic Comedy Comedy Dark Comedy Drama Western War Action / Adventure Thriller / Suspense / Horror SciFi/ Action Fantasy Family Musical


MJ 8 days ago

Labyrinth, all John Cusack 80s moves, Under the Tuscan Sun, Serindipity

Heidi VanCleave 8 days ago

This one is SO GOOD but so overlooked, even I forget about it, yet I love it! DUPLEX with Ben Stiller & Drew Barrymore. It’s so funny!

tammi pollard

Ghost in the Darkness – Val Kilmer
The Saint – Val Kilmer
Rocketman (comedy)
Highlander – Christopher Lambert
By the light of the silvery moon -Doris Day
On moonlight bay – Doris Day
Calamity Jane – Doris Day
Pillow talk – Doris Day
Move over darling – Doris Day
Send me no flowers -Doris Day
First Knight – Sean Connery
27 Dresses – Katherine Heigel
Long Riders – Western
Pale Riders – Western
McClintock – John Wayne
Maverick – Mel Gibson & James Garner
Lethal Weapons – Mel Gibson & Danny Glover

Jessica Miller

Funny Girl
Singing in the Rain
She’s the Man


Romantic Drama: Time Traveller’s Wife (NOT the series that sucks), Always, Bicentennial Man, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Step Up, Forever Young, Australia

Comedy: Oscar, Shanghai Noon

Dark Comedy: Death Becomes Her

Drama: Radio, Holes, Ocean’s Eleven (comedy/drama?)

Western: Conagher, The Quick and the Dead

War: The Last Samurai

Action/Adventure: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Hero, Tomb Raider

SciFi/ Action: John Carter, In Time, Impostor, Phenomenon

Fantasy: Underworld

Family: Ferngully, Swiss Family Robinson, Lizzie McGuire Movie, A Cinderella Story, Prince of Egypt, Hook

Musical: Fiddler on the Roof, Rigoletto


My favorite movie as a teen was “That Thing You Do!”

Jamie Feil

Eat, Pray, Love
Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken
Top Gun 1&2
My Father The Hero
Gray Man
Cruel Intentions
Girl, Interrupted
Varsity Blues
Silence of the Lambs
Pretty Woman
The Craft
American Beauty
The Secretary
As Good As It Gets
The Man in The Moon
Wildflower (Reese Witherspoon)
Mr Holland’s Opus
Practical Magic
The Other Sister
Meet Joe Black
Benny & Joon
My Best Friends Wedding
Little Women


Abi- Reality Bites!! Perfect 90’s movie.

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