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All the Movies I'm Showing My Gen Z Sister

All the Movies I'm Showing My Gen Z Sister

Raise your hand if you have a Gen Z sister who’s desperate for some movie education. (*Abi raises own hand*) You guys, I take my role as Sophie’s older sister very seriously, and when I realized just how many amazing movies this 18-year-old hasn’t seen yet, I wasn’t mad, I was just very, very disappointed. In both of us. Now I’m taking matters into my own hands and introducing her to the greats – a new movie every time she comes home from college! We’ll use this list – let us know if we’re missing one of your favorites and we’ll add it.

UPDATE: We've added all your suggestions to a printable list for you HERE.

Romantic Drama Romantic Comedy Comedy Dark Comedy Drama Western War Action / Adventure Thriller / Suspense / Horror SciFi/ Action Fantasy Family Musical


Sarah Sabin



The Saint
Gone in 60 seconds
The Italian Job


Maybe I just didn’t see them… Sleepless in Seattle and Big. Love Tom Hanks!

J 🤍

Finding Forrester


Labyrinth, all John Cusack 80s moves, Under the Tuscan Sun, Serindipity

Heidi VanCleave

This one is SO GOOD but so overlooked, even I forget about it, yet I love it! DUPLEX with Ben Stiller & Drew Barrymore. It’s so funny!

tammi pollard

Ghost in the Darkness – Val Kilmer
The Saint – Val Kilmer
Rocketman (comedy)
Highlander – Christopher Lambert
By the light of the silvery moon -Doris Day
On moonlight bay – Doris Day
Calamity Jane – Doris Day
Pillow talk – Doris Day
Move over darling – Doris Day
Send me no flowers -Doris Day
First Knight – Sean Connery
27 Dresses – Katherine Heigel
Long Riders – Western
Pale Riders – Western
McClintock – John Wayne
Maverick – Mel Gibson & James Garner
Lethal Weapons – Mel Gibson & Danny Glover

Jessica Miller

Funny Girl
Singing in the Rain
She’s the Man

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