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Laugh Like You Mean It

Laugh Like You Mean It
Self Portrait Series 5/52

Isn’t it cool that when you’re a baby no one has to teach you how to laugh? It’s something that we all do so naturally, and everyone’s laugh is unique to them. Anyone who knows me, knows my laugh. It’s loud, wheezy, and contagious, and it’s something that has always set me apart. As a little girl, my big sister would get so annoyed with my ridiculous laugh (she loves it now). I would get self conscious about it and try not to laugh, but I never could help it. I love laughing too much! Eventually I embraced my big laugh and was even voted “Best Laugh” in high school. I was also voted “Class Clown,” so I chose to turn it down and take that one instead. 

The Best Medicine

I live for laughter. It’s like this amazing release of tension that immediately sets everything right. When I get a good belly laugh, my whole soul lights on fire and I just feel so good. It really is the best medicine. I love to laugh with people and I love to laugh alone. I love to look on the bright side of things and just let things go. Laughing is one of my very favorite things and I wish I could do it more. I am so thankful God made me a jolly, happy soul, like Santa. 

My Toxic Trait?

I tend to laugh at the worst times, especially when I’m with my brother Spencer. He’ll turn and give me “the look,” or I’ll give it to him, and we can’t help but laugh. It’s like an unspoken thing where we connect in a silly way. There have been a few funerals and baby blessings where I’ve literally had to leave the chapel because of Spencer. We can’t go to the temple together because of this problem. There was one time in particular when we were in the temple - the most quiet sacred place- and we COULD NOT keep it together. There was literally no reason for us to be laughing so hard, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. Everyone was so angry with us and the angrier they got, the more we laughed. Before we knew it, everyone was laughing with us though. I will never forget that day. I don’t know why Spence and I are the way that we are, but I’m grateful for that special bond. Do you have anyone in your life like that? Someone who always makes you laugh for no reason?

A Career Maker

My laugh is what jump started my career on IG. It’s because I chose to laugh at myself when I got my Carol Cut (see it here), that I have found success, connection, and community. The way I laughed it off clicked with so many amazing people, and it literally changed my life! Laughter has brought me so much joy, and I’m so thankful for my larger-than-life, one-of-a-kind laugh. It’s truly a huge part of who I am.

Is there something quirky about you that sets you apart? Does it make you self conscious or have you embraced it yet? Has your unique trait brought you opportunities that may have passed you by without it? I want to hear all about it in the comments! 




Kristen Hansen-Curtis

I absolutely love what you are doing for others! I have watched you
Since the “bad hair cut” and my 2 cook books just came in today that you sent!
We have 36 cousins within 5 miles. My husband just passed away of Brain cancer on 1/8/2022 – I am so grateful for
Family and for your input and honesty with life. It’s inspiring! I really hope to meet you someday soon!!


Laughing is my favorite! Back in 6th grade (now mid-30’s) my best friend and I were sitting together at a talent show. Prior to the show starting our teacher specifically told us there would be no talking or else we were getting kicked out. What does my best friend do? She gives me “the look” after saying how beautifully our peer was playing piano and there it was. We had to go pick-up rocks outside as our punishment. I was mortified and so embarrassed. While I have long forgiven her for such a silly moment, we still get our chuckles on whenever we revisit that memory :-)

Desiree Zola

Hi Abi, love you so! I’ve been around since the beginning of the Carol Cut! Thanks for all the laughs, tears and everything in between!
My silly question is have you ever contacted the stylist who gave you the Carol cut to let him/her know how it propelled you on IG? How has he/she reacted?


I love your laugh!! My sister makes me laugh too she reminds me of you!! Haha i laugh a lot too and one time i was taking a customer service call and they got so mad at me for doing my nervous laugh!! I cant help it though

Kari Malmberg

Omg same with my sis and I! Always so inappropriate with our laughing. We had a complete laugh attack at a restaurant one night with our newer step dad- he was completely embarrassed but couldn’t help but laugh AT us (eventually) … when those attacks hit … i CANNOT stop… it’s almost painful 😂

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