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Help Clear These Teachers' Amazon Wishlists!

Help Clear These Teachers' Amazon Wishlists!

Teachers are the architects of knowledge, shaping the foundation of society. Let's come together, one fulfilled wish list at a time, and show our educators the appreciation and support they truly deserve.

The process of giving back to teachers through their Amazon wish lists is simple yet impactful. 

Follow these steps to help teachers fulfill their wish lists: 

1. Click on your preferred wish list. 

2. Select items you wish to purchase by adding them to your cart.

3. Upon checkout, ensure the address selected for delivery says "Gift Registry Address", then hit "Deliver to this Address" and proceed with checkout. 

(This will deliver the items directly to the teacher.)

Browse and shop the wish lists of educators we’ve put together below: 

(Once these are fulfilled, we will add more!) 

Abby Marchant - Stevens High School 

Brady Overcash - Iredell Middle School 

Chantelle Wendt - Lundy Elementary

Dusti Ansah - Pony Express Elementary

Emily Rose - Park Ave School

Genevieve Kalland - Community of Peace

Halle Taft - Elementary UT

Jamie Clarke - Minico High School

Kaci Mitterling - Fourth Grade Teacher

Luke Bruce - Coleman Elementary 

Madison Doney - Birchview Elementary 

Nora Read - Centerville Elementary School

Rose Davis - Diamond Fork Middle School 

Sarah Del Aguila - Lancaster PA

Tom Acton - Joel P Jensen Middle School


Help us clear the lists and support teachers across the U.S. 

Please share this post, help us spread the word about this initiative, and encourage others to participate.  









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