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French Elegance - My Antique Door Adventure

French Elegance - My Antique Door Adventure

From beginning to end, some of you have been on the journey with me of getting the French doors. It was our last day in France, and once we arrived in Le Puce it truly felt like we saved the best for last. I mean, I love antiquing, but doing this in FRANCE?! A dream! Picture quaint shops and charming alleyways, each brimming with the allure of times gone by. 

As soon as I stepped into this wonderland of vintage delights, I felt an instant connection. One store filled to the brim with exquisite door knockers, handles, pulls, and more, all in gold or brass and intricate designs. I found myself wanting everything – from dazzling light fixtures to elegant furniture, I wanted to take it all back with me. 

Then it happened, my love affair with doors began. Those French doors, tall and made from oak, seemed like they were plucked right out of a fairy tale. The best part? The price tag, $1200 for a pair! A steal, considering it would have easily been double the price back home. I couldn’t resist, especially with the incredible brass knobs that added an extra touch of magic. 

Well, one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had bought 11 doors! Closets, bedrooms, offices – you name it, there was a vintage door for every spot in my house. Waiting for those doors to arrive was like waiting for Christmas morning. Four months later, they finally made it home, and let me tell you, they were even more beautiful than I remembered. The original hardware was just the cherry on top.

At the market, there are multiple shipping companies that put stickers on each product you buy, and then the company comes, packs it, and ships it! It was so easy! I was a little nervous I was getting scammed, but they are so professional and ship all over the world.

The shipping ended up costing me 10x the original bid because all of the doors have glass, and they didn’t know. I was already at home, and they were shipping my way, so I felt like having them returned was just not in the cards. As soon as they went up, I knew that the cost, waiting, and headache were absolutely worth it, and in 20 years, I think I’ll still be so happy with them!

There was a casualty – a mirror I purchased didn’t survive the journey, but hey, accidents happen. We’ll get that replaced, and all will be well.

These doors they’re not just pieces of wood or metal; they're promises of memories waiting to be made. Every scratch, every mark, they'll tell a story of love, laughter, and the beautiful chaos of family life.

As these doors arrived, it hit me – I'm beyond excited for our new home to be finished. Our family, with all its quirks and charms, will breathe life into every corner. These doors, elegant and timeless, will witness it all.

Sure, the house will be new, fresh, and polished. But I know, as we live our lives within these walls, we'll add our own unique touches. Those scratches? They’ll be from impromptu dance parties in the living room. The marks? Perhaps from the enthusiastic experiments in the kitchen.

I can't wait for the doors to be hung, standing proudly as silent witnesses to our story. They'll be there, holding in the echoes of our laughter, the warmth of our hugs, and the love that fills our home. It’s not just about moving in; it’s about stepping into a new chapter, a chapter filled with the promise of countless beautiful memories waiting to unfold.

So here’s to new beginnings, scratches and marks that tell stories, and the doors that will hold our memories – not just as pieces of a house, but as pieces of our hearts. I’m counting down the days until we can step through those doors and start this incredible journey together. Here’s to our future home and all the love that will fill it!


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