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Cook Book for Jane

Cook Book for Jane

You should know right from the start that I made this cookbook more for myself than I did for my mom. I think we were both sick of the annual Thanksgiving phone call when I asked for the recipe for Neva’s Yams. And I don’t know how many times I have called her early Saturday morning for the sinfully delicious Creamy Syrup recipe.

Crafting Her Legacy

Most of these dishes didn’t start out as Jane's original recipes, but over the years she has tweaked the directions, adjusted the ingredients and morphed them into her own masterpieces. You know it’s really become “Jane's recipe” when the recipe card is covered in notes and comments! This book is a legacy for our family and includes starters, salads, soups, main dishes, desserts and cookies. It's a family-style cookbook with the easiest, most delicious meals my family has loved for years.

My mother loves to serve and feels fulfilled by making people feel good. One way she has done that, for literally thousands of people, is through her cooking. Her love of cooking and serving others has rubbed off a bit on me. Ever since I was a little toddler, she's enlisted me in helping her make chocolate chip cookies and helping host family dinner parties. A love of cooking also runs deep in my genes thanks to my Grandma Helen and Nana, who also have many recipes in this book.

This book, along with her life, is filled with friends, family, and meals that have brought joy and unforgettable memories. From traditional holiday feasts to everyday go-to's, I have chosen the best of the best from Jane's collection. I hope you enjoy these delectable dishes as much as our family has!




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