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Connecting to Your Family with Melissa Smith and Family Brand

Connecting to Your Family with Melissa Smith and Family Brand
Ammon and I have been hanging out with Melissa Smith from the Family Brand podcast and we are loving it! She is amazing. I want to share some of the things I've learned and some of the resources she's shared. First, a few guided prompts:
  • Can we create a space of love and let our kids be free to be who they are without judgement?
  • Can we surrender to the idea that we can't control our kids and recognize that that's when they have the freedom to decide what to become and create?
  • Can we pray to see our kids the way God sees them?
Next, a few quick reminders:
  • Let go of the perfectionism!
  • Kids crave boundaries!
  • Define your family brand or the world will define it for you!
Then, a few mantras. Adjust each one to inspire your family!
  • Ayres speak honestly and without judgement.
  • Ayres make memories.
  • Ayres uplift and inspire.
  • As divine beings, Ayres listen to their souls, guides, and Heavenly Parents.
  • Ayres give our best to each other.
  • Ayres are strong, healthy, and active.
  • Ayres are close and connected because we love and support each other.

Finally, a few incredible resources:

We Are All The Same Age Now The Speech I Never Intended to Give The Stories That Bind Us Support vs Challenge Matrix
The Family Connection Guide:
  • Our family is connected when...
  • Our family runs smoothly when...
  • Our family stands for...
  • Our family will be remembered for...
  • Our family is unique because...
  • Our family connects daily through...
  • Our family connects weekly through...
  • Our family connects monthly through...
  • Our family connects quarterly through...

Like I said, Ammon and I have learned so much and feel so empowered and motivated. We were thrilled to have these sessions with Melissa and I hope you'll make time to do the same! I love my family and I'm so grateful for the people who help us grow and become a stronger unit.

Sending love to you and yours,



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