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Hello, I’m Abi Ayres aka #Carol4President

Hello, I’m Abi Ayres aka #Carol4President

My name is Abi and I got a bad haircut in July 2019 that went viral. Since then, it’s been a total rollercoaster ride figuring out how to connect on social media with thousands of people, raise 3 crazy kids, stay real/relatable and live a fulfilling life. Social Media land can be very draining, toxic, frustrating, envious, and all the negative things wrapped up in filters and likes. It can also be a place of connection, love, service, giving, and value. I want to bring the positives into your life. I want to highlight the good and show people that if used right, social media can be a tool to a brighter, happier life.

Some would say I’m a comedian, others might say I’m a hot mess mom who makes them feel better about themselves, some say I’m a jack of all trades, but really, this is just the real lifestyle blog you never knew you needed. Normalizing real life on social, laughing as much as I can, and choosing to look for the good! So glad you’re here!



Joan Brown

I am dying! I spit out my drink through my nose and peed my pants at the same time!

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