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Car Dates

Car Dates
Car dates started a couple years ago when Ammon and I couldn’t find sitters. We would put our kids to bed, then get in our parked car in the driveway and just talk. We played games, we ate food, we connected in simple and meaningful ways, and it's become one of our favorite things to do. Over Covid I know so many people did them too. It is a different setting and it forces you to communicate without distractions.

Here are a few car dates we have done over the years if you want any ideas: Played Never have I ever. Played Date Marry Dump. Interviewed a Sex Therapist. Door Dashed a new restaurant. Play Music. Moral Dilemma.

Car Date Guide

I've created a Car Date Guide for you to download with some fun questions and games! This can help you get into the groove of a car date. It may be a little weird at first, but could be just the ticket to reconnect with your loved one. Ammon and I have really grown to love this alone time with little distraction. If you cant get a babysitter for Valentines day this just may be the Date you need.


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