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Baby Name Ideas

Baby Name Ideas

Naming children is hard, like so much harder than anyone ever lets on. My sister Emily was nameless for literally weeks after she came home because my parents were still searching for the perfect name for their perfect baby. 

Choosing Names for Our Kids

Ammon and I wanted our kids' names to be important and meaningful. We also wanted to recognize those we love and appreciate, so we decided to give them family names. Aspen is named for the trees that surrounded by childhood home in Park City, and her middle name is after my amazing mother Jane. Taggart carries on my maiden name, and his middle name is Thomas, after Ammon's dad. Helen is named after my Grandma Helen, who is my hero. Her middle name is Louise, after Ammon's mom. A follower recently asked for help in coming up with a name for her baby girl, so I put out a response box for all of you to share your favorite baby names. You guys came back with more than 600 amazing names! Here they are.

Baby Girl Names

The most suggested baby girl names were: Ava, Olivia, Rose/Rosie, Ruth & Stella

Abby, Abigail, Ada, Adalee, Adelaide, Ainsley, Alea, Alice, Alyssa, Amelia, Ammalyn, Amory, Anderson, Andie, Anistyn, Anna, Annabel, Annie, Aria, Ariana, Ashby, Aubrey, Austyn, Autumn, Ava, Avery, Avie, Babette, Bellamie, Bestie, Bethany, Better, Blythe, Brennan, Briar, Brielle, Brina, Brooke, Brooklyn, Caden, Callie, Cameron, Camila, Campbell, Capri, Cecelia, Ceci, Cecilia, Charlie, Charlotte, Chloe, Claire, Clara, Clementine, Colleen, Collins, Connie, Cora, Corrine, Courtney, Cozetter, Daisy, Dakota, Dani, Darcie, Dolly, Dorothy, Drew, Eden, Eleanor, Elena, Elinor, Elise, Eliza, Ella, Ellen, Eloise, Elsie, Elyott, Emerald, Emerson, Emily, Emma, Emma Kate, Esa, Esther, Eva, Evalee, Everly, Everyday, Evie, Faye, Felicity, Fern, Fiona, Florence, Francis, Gemma, Genevieve, George, Georgia, Georgia, Gigi, Goldie, Grace, Grayson, Greer, Greta, Grey, Gwen, Hadassah, Hadley, Halcyon, Hallie, Halston, Handily, Hannah, Harlow, Harper, Hattie, Haven, Hayden, Hazel, Helen, Hence, Henley, Hope, Hunter, Ireland, Isla, Ivy, Izadora, Jacqueline, Jade, Jane, Janet, Janie, Jenelle, Jennifer, Jenny, Jenny Lou, Jensen, Jocelyn, Jolie, Josephine, Josie, Jovi, Juicer, Julia, Juliet, Juniper, Juno, Kailey, Karolyn, Katerina, Kate, Katie, Kennedy, Kensington, Kerstin, Kieran, Kimber, Kylah, Laila, Lainey, Lana, Larcin, Larissa, Lauren, Layla, Layne, Leah, Leighabeth, Libby, Lila, Liliana, Logan, Lola, Lottie, Louise, Lucille, Lucy, Luna, Lydia, Lynlee, Lynnette, Mabel, Macy, Madison, Mae, Maeve, Maggie, Malory, Margot, Mariah, Marigold, Marina, Marlowe, Matilda, Maude, Maya, McCall, Memphis, Mercy, Meredith, Mila, Millie, Miriam, Molly, Movie, Mylie, Nancy, Naomi, Nell, Nix, Noah, Nola, Nora, Norah, Nya, Olive, Olivia, Opal, Ophelia, Paizlyn, Palmer, Parson, Penny, Peyton, Phoenix, Piper, Poppy, Presley, Quinn, Rachel, Ray, Reagan, Regan, Rely, Remi, Rez, Rhett, Rilyn, Ripley, River, Rory, Rosalie, Rose, Rosie, Rowen, Ruby, Rue, Ruth, Sage, Samantha, Sarah, Sasha, Savanah, Sawyer, Scarlett, Scotti, Scout, Shaelee Rae, Shane, Shaylee, Sienna, Simone, Sloan, Sloane, Sofia, Somer Rose, Sophie, Spencer, Stella, Stevie, Sunny, Sutton, Sybil, Taizlee, Tallulah, Tara, Taryn, Taylor, Tiernan, Tiffany, Trinity, Ursula, Vada, Valon, Vella, Viola, Violet, Vivienne, Wendy, Willa, Willow, Winnie, Winnifred, Wren, Wrenley, Wynn, Yara, Zara, Zetta

Boy Baby Names

The most suggested boy names were: Eli/Elijah, James, Jude & Miles

Ace, Adam, Adamcash, Alden, Aldrich, Alex, Alexander, Andrew, Arbor, Archer, Archie, Armani, Ashton, Atlas, August, Axel, Barrel, Bauer, Beau, Beck, Beckett, Beckham, Ben, Benjamin, Benson, Bent, Billy, Blake, Bones, Boone, Boston, Bradley, Brady, Brice, Bridger, Briggs, Brighton, Brody, Brooks, Bryce, Buck, Cael, Cain, Caleb, Callan, Calvin, Camden, Cameron, Carlo, Carter, Casey, Cash, Chandler, Charlie, Christian, Clarence, Clark, Clinton, Clyde, Cody, Cohen, Cole, Coleman, Collins, Colt, Connor, Cooper, Cope, Corbin, Cove, Creed, Dallas, Dalton, Daniel, Danny, David, Davis, Dax, Dayne, Dayton, Dean, Declan, Denver, Derek, Dirk, Dominic, Donavan, Donovan, Dos, Eason, East, Easton, Edison, Eli, Elijah, Elliott, Emett, Emile, Emmet, Enzo, Ethan, Everett, Ezra, Face, Ferris, Finn, Fitz, Flynn, Ford, Forrest, Foster, Fox, Frankie, Franklin, Gabriel, Gary, Gavin, George, Georgia, Gerald, Giles, Grady, Graham, Grant, Grayson, Grey, Griffin, Gunnar, Guys, Hamilton, Hanes, Hank, Harris, Harrison, Harvey, Hayes, Hendricks, Henrik, Henry, Holden, Holland, Hudson, Hunter, Hyatt, Ian, Jack, Jackson, Jacob, Jake, James, Jamison, Jase, Jasper, Jayson, Jeremiah, Jesse, Jessie, Jett, Joel, John, Johnny, Jonah, Jordan, Joshua, Josiah, Joss, Jovan, Judd, Jude, Judson, Julian, Julius, Justice, Kade, Kai, Kairo, Kaleb, Keenan, Kellen, Kershaw, Kevin, Kingston, Knox, Koen, Kohl, Land, Landon, Lee, Lennon, Leo, Levi, Liam, Lie, Lincoln, Louie, Louis, Luca, Lucas, Luke, Lux, Mack, Maddox, Major, Marcus, Marshall, Mason, Mathew, Maverick, Max, Maximus, Maxwell, McCoy, McKay, McRae, Micah, Miles, Montgomery, Nash, Nathan, Nathaniel, Navy, Nelson, Nixon, Noah, Oak, Olan, Oliver, Olivier, Orin, Oscar, Otto, Ozzy, Parker, Patrick, Paxton, Payday, Person, Peter, Phin, Pierce, Pike, Piper, Preston, Quince, Ralfie, Ramsey, Raymond, Rayon, Reck, Reece, Reggie, Reid, Remind, Reran, Rhett, Rig, Riser, River, Robert, Rush, Sam, Samuel, Scooter, Seaborn, Sebastian, Seth, Shariah, Shea, Silas, Simon, Smith, Sonny, Soren, Spencer, Stephen, Stone, Sullivan, Sutton, Taige, Tanner, Tate, Tenn, Thatcher, Theodore, Thomas, Titus, Tommy, Trevor, Trey, Tristan, Tyler, Van, Vex, Warren, Watson, Wells, Welsey, Wesley, Westin, Whit, Wilder, William, Wilson, Wim, Winston, Wynn, Zachariah, Zane, Zoey

I absolutely loved reading all of your suggestions, so I compiled them together into this epic baby name list. Hopefully it can help someone struggling with finding that perfect name. It makes me so excited for all of your new family additions on the way.


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